Career Change At 50, 40, 30 … Better Your Life Now

Making a career change is a huge step, so what are you waiting for? Don’t be defined by your age! Find the right resources!

The world is a fast-moving place. The times have changed and we are living in a cyber-influenced melting pot of opportunity. But where? And how?

Whether you’re someone like Drew, a 29-year-old man who is ready to start a new path, or you’re someone like Ben, a 55-year-old man who wants to invest in the rest of his life – you can make life happen the way you want it.

While Drew and Ben are at opposite ends of the spectrum, they have some things in common. They want to earn a comfortable income, and they want to have the ability to enjoy their lives without sacrificing their time at work.

Drew has his art projects he wants to pursue, while Ben is ready to relax in the cottage he’s spent decades upgrading.

They are both ready to enjoy their lives, and they do not want to be strapped down to a desk in an office or working labor.

Do you feel like it’s too late?


Are you lost, not knowing which direction to take to gain your freedom back?
Ben and Drew want similar virtues from a career.


Work from anywhere
Financial freedom
Endless opportunity to grow
Be your own boss
But they both ran into a few scams and hiccups …

If you search “work from home” or “be your own boss,” you are bound to be recruited to an MLM (multi-level marketing aka pyramid selling).

In other words, get-rich-quick jobs… but they’re more like scams.

The commission you make off of one is not equivalent to how much work you have to put in.

Unless you’re an expert in marketing, and you’re willing to cough up a bunch of money to promote the product, or you’re okay with annoying your Facebook friends, this is probably not a realistic career path for you.

These range from makeup products to cannabidiol oils.


Sacrificing one for the other

Drew and Ben are both ready to take their lives into their hands.

Which means, they don’t want to sacrifice their time or money working for a jerk or going to an office every day.

However, they start to feel like it’s too good to be true to have it all – financial, time, and location freedom.

This is a new age where businesses are all online. Even Ben is a wizard on the web.

The search goes on…


Online / Phone Sales

Wherever you look online for a career that grants freedom in location, time, and money, you are always going to find a type of phone sales job.

These range from customer service call centers to recruiting nurses.

There are numerous options online, but for Drew and Ben, they want to make as much money as possible. Who doesn’t?

You can spend days searching which ones will be the best.

But remember who you are, what you want, and what would benefit you the most.


Truck Driver Recruiter

Drew and Ben became intertwined because not only did they want the same freedoms in a new career, they both found being a truck driver recruiter was the the BEST option out there.

The commissions were excellent, ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 hiring just ONE driver.

They have fun talking to these unique individuals.

They feel good about helping truck drivers find jobs.

Truck drivers make the world go ’round.

But most importantly, Ben and Drew found the location, money, and time freedom they always wanted in a career.



You are here today because you want freedom. You want to be successful in your happiness and your finances.

Either way, we all have something in common:

We need to make a living to support ourselves, our families, and to gain independence.

On average, a recruiter makes around $55,000 a year.

Not too bad but not too great, either.

After trial and error, choosing a career as a truck driver recruiter pushes you even higher on the pay scale.

On average, a truck driver recruiter makes an income of $93,600 a year.

There is no limit or cap on how much you can make.


The reason why people find success in being a truck driver recruiter is because the commission for hiring one driver alone hits at least $1,200.

These recruiters usually schedule 2-3 hires a week and often more.

The entire nation is shorthanded of drivers and the turn-over rate is so high, there’s always promised business because truck drivers are continuously looking for new work. They are at high demand.

Ben and Drew both came across Josh Hicks, an entrepreneur and transportation recruiting coach.

They reached out to him because they saw the potential, but they didn’t quite know how to master it and really make a killing at it.

With over 20 years experience, Josh put together the secrets, steps, and companies to really excel. He created his own companies that don’t just push for one logistics brand, but multiple across the whole country.


The opportunity is endless. 


  • The mindset needed to excel
  • ​The steps to take to make a sale
  • ​A career opportunity
  • ​How to find your purpose


Invest in yourself. Invest in your future.