“The program has been a huge success for me. It really allowed me to train and educate my recruiters and

help them be more successful. I was actually able to bring my medium performers up to top performers. They’ve been able to do more with less.”
– John C.

” I have owned various companies and I wanted to add another line of revenue to my portfolio. The course had a couple of highlights for me.

 A lot of the videos in training were short so even though were a lot of different modules and subsections in the modules, some of them were only 2-3 minutes long and when someone is new and they can be daunted by the process that was extremely smart and unfortunately also may be necessary because of attention spans but it was enough to really hook people and then to make them go on to the next module. So, Josh in particular was effective in his teaching. Josh was extremely articulate, and the wrap up module and the role playing was very effective, and it brought everything home. ”
– Dean Engledow – Arkansas

“With Josh and his company, its like a night and day difference from what it was when working for the other companies. 

Coached every step of the way. Constant communication and if there is a question it gets answered. There is so much in that course that is helpful. Its like a family and you really feel like you are apart of a team. I think that is important, it keeps your morale up. If you don’t take this course, good luck.”
– Jennifer Truesdale – Texas

“I was already so successful at recruiting already and I would just show up and do my job and make more.

I wasn’t expecting to pick anything up honestly.There were times where I would listen to Josh and didn’t think this would work and I tried it and it worked. Of all the things Josh taught me in the importance of the process the follow-up process was what worked for me. If I knew that when I was at JB Hunt, I would have hired 50-60 more drivers than I did. If there is one thing that I can say that Josh knows like the back of his hand, is he knows how to recruit a driver. Josh brings an energy to the table. Positive, full of energy, and he’s real. One thing I learned most from Josh is what an Entrepreneur needs.”

– Caleb Evans

“I will be honest with you, I copycat, everything Josh says I said, its simple as that and it works. 

Everything that Josh says throughout the modules I say the exact same thing, I am not lying. Any driver thats felt like me, when you are out here rolling, by the middle of the week you pretty much know what your money is and, in my mind, I hate that. I hate the fact I know there is nothing else to do to make money. With recruiting, the potential is unlimited, if you really want to be able to make more income or another revenue stream, the course is definitely worth it. Since the course, I have hired at least minimum one hires per week and sometimes 2. It gives me confidence. I welcome the rebuttals now because I know Josh has given me everything I need to say. “

– Rex Rush

“The course provided very detailed tools on how to do the job. Josh provided us with all the tools we need.

Learned how to speak and deal with the drivers. What I am doing now has opened a lot of skills that I didn’t know I could actually do. It teaches you how to speak with the client, be more fluent and multitask.”
– Sam Ferreyra – Florida

“We were missing out in recruiting and sales. We went through the course and learned everything we needed even when we didn’t have any experience in it.

Tone and inflection were one of the best things that helped us in the course. Josh is always a great help and is always available weather if its we have a question or are doing role playing with newer agents, he is always there for us. It’s the best option that someone can do for themselves and agents, it covers basically everything, not only mastering recruiting but sales as well. “
– Eric Garcia – Florida

“My life changed after the second month. I made $12,000. My best month was $31,000. My best week

ever was $10,000. All from recruiting truck drivers and what I learned from Josh. I can almost mimic Josh’s whole script. I’ve been blessed with this opportunity.”
– Todd Henry – Missouri