Simba 7’s Drive United Group and Keep Drivers Division help carrier partners find and keep quality truck drivers. It’s that simple. We have cutting edge solutions that can not only train your recruiters to efficiently build the foundation of retaining the driver candidate when recruiting from the beginning, also reduce lead cost substantially when capturing your idea candidate and more importantly keeping them in your seats long-term!

You may not want all our options, but we are finding that not one single carrier we have spoken with has not had interested in at least one of not several of our options. In a market where you have to think outside of the box or get left behind, Simba 7 has continued to use the most cutting-edge technology to produce better results without having to stab in the dark with media agencies, saturated lead generation platforms and hiring more staff.

Contact us and set up a free consultation. Get in or miss the boat, it’s your choice. We are here to bring value to you whenever you are ready.



Simba 7’s Logistics Mastery Programs and More…

The Founder of Simba 7, Josh Hicks has decided to give a special deal to those that are selected to work under Simba 7’s umbrella as an Agent and gaining access to hire for Simba 7’s small to medium and Fortune 100-500 client’s, day one when signing on as an agent.

Those that are selected will have full access to all of Simba 7’s cutting edge training programs that are designed to show you how to go from A-Z when recruiting a driver candidate in the most efficient way and much more. Our agents are top agents for a reason and in our courses below you will not only learn how to be the most effective recruiter, but you will learn how to master phone sales in general. You will have access to all the featured programs, book and more shown below for a one-time fee of $1997 or 3 payments of $997, rather the total combined cost of more than $10,000+. Check this out… It gets better… If you pay the one-time fee today, you will be refunded 100% when you hire your 10th driver under the Simba 7 agency within your first 6 months. That’s right, you will get it all back if you get in and actually commit to the opportunity.

This pricing does not apply to those that are working or going to work for other organizations when getting our training. This is a deal we have never offered someone on-boarding with the Simba 7 Team!

By the way… we are not finished; this gets better for the selected individuals. We are also going to set you up with your own personal support group in which you will have instant direct support and you will have direct coaching sessions with the founder Josh Hicks to fast track your success. No more waiting for hours or weeks to get support because you will have your very own support group.

We call this “business in a box” opportunity. This is a turn-key opportunity in which you can start making money your first week, not to mention you can work from anywhere as long as you have a phone, internet and a computer. We are going to give those selected, every single tool you will need to get off to a fast track start when getting your business off the ground.