“Increase profits or don’t? That is the question.”


It’s simple… We are made up into two division when it’s said and done.

First: We help entrepreneurs or individuals wanting to be an entrepreneur in all facets of building a successful life as well as a business or opportunity that can provide the financial and time freedom they are wanting, more importantly fulfilling their purpose while doing so.

Second: We partner with and offer services to growth-oriented small to medium-sized businesses as well as to Fortune 100-500 companies such as J.B. Hunt, Tyson, Sam’s Club, Walmart, US Xpress, USA Truck, Koch Industries, and many more. Services include growing sales by customizing marketing, staffing/recruiting, developing better sales processes, training and coaching so that staff and company can be more effective.

Our team wants to help if you have a need.


Simba 7 Media/Marketing:


Paid Media, Website Design, Brand Strategy, & Full-Service Digital Marketing

Social media marketing is what we do—it’s not an afterthought or secondary offering like it is at many other marketing agencies. Our intention and experience help take your brand from where you are to where you want to be quickly.

  • Lead Generation Funnel Build
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Build and Management
  • Audience & Content Analysis
  • Detailed Insights & Recommendations
  • Video Production and Edit
  • Drone Services
  • Geo-Targeting Campaign
  • VLR Process-SEO-Keyword Search Build
  • Graphic Design and Branding

We specialize in trucking companies, car dealerships, med-spas, massage spas, gyms, furniture stores, service companies, coaching services, info marketing, restaurant/bar, real-estate, and many more sectors.


Simba 7 Entrepreneur Coaching Division:


Josh Hicks and the Simba 7 coaching team coach new and existing entrepreneurs to make the most of their time when finding evergreen “business in a box” opportunities in a career business. When searching for a revenue stream in business, we help find the right vehicles to ensure longevity in financial prosperity, and then I set you up with the right training, coaching, and roadmap to fast track your success.

Also, the Simba 7 team has helped in some way fashion or form, more than 1 million truck drivers in the US through the Drive United Division and its services.  

Josh Hicks is a motivator, coach and business owner that enjoys building up individuals to reach their full potential. He owns and operates several companies that are successful in sales, media, and marketing, recruiting, business development and coaching. He is a best-selling author on “How to Build an Amazing Career as a Truck Driver Recruiter.”

He has consulted, coached, and trained thousands of entrepreneurs, small to medium business owners, as well as Fortune 100-500 clients for more than 20 years.

We work with start-up, small to large business owners in several sectors when building a business in the most efficient ways.

We have our “Business in a box” concept that offers new or even existing entrepreneurs to start a new carrier or add to an already existing one with our turn-key solutions to a business platform. We work with individuals that are looking to start a new business in our primary sectors of digital media, sales & recruiting, and real-estate.

In recruiting we primarily teach individuals how to recruit virtually with our award-winning digital training, support team and unlimited hiring opportunity with our small to medium and Fortune 500 clients, as a turn-key solution to success.


Headquarters Bentonville, AR 72712

United States, Canada, Africa, India, Mexico, Costa Rica and Australia