“Increase profits or don’t? That is the question.”

It’s simple… We are made up into two division when it’s said and done.

First: We help entrepreneurs or individuals wanting to be an entrepreneur in all facets of building a successful life as well as a business or opportunity that can provide the financial and time freedom they are wanting, more importantly fulfilling their purpose while doing so.

Second: We partner with and offer services to growth-oriented small to medium-sized businesses as well as to Fortune 100-500 companies such as J.B. Hunt, Tyson, Sam’s Club, Walmart, US Xpress, USA Truck, Koch Industries, and many more. Services include growing sales by customizing marketing, staffing/recruiting, developing better sales processes, training and coaching so that staff and company can be more effective.

Our team wants to help if you have a need.


Simba 7 Media/Marketing:

Paid Media, Website Design, Brand Strategy, & Full-Service Digital Marketing

Social media marketing is what we do—it’s not an afterthought or secondary offering like it is at many other marketing agencies. Our intention and experience help take your brand from where you are to where you want to be quickly.

  • Lead Generation Funnel Build
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Build and Management
  • Audience & Content Analysis
  • Detailed Insights & Recommendations
  • Video Production and Edit
  • Drone Services
  • Geo-Targeting Campaign
  • VLR Process-SEO-Keyword Search Build
  • Graphic Design and Branding

We specialize in trucking companies, car dealerships, med-spas, massage spas, gyms, furniture stores, service companies, coaching services, info marketing, restaurant/bar, real-estate, and many more sectors.

The Drive United Group & Keep Drivers Division: 

Carrier Partner Tailored Programs 

We can give you a tailored program that will save you on your bottom-line when capturing and keeping quality truck drivers in your seats! Not to mention we have a media service that is like no other in the business of transportation we can customize to your brand. All this at very little cost to you the Carrier Partner.

Simba 7’s Partner DriverSync – Retention Services

Amazon has transformed consumers expectation around order status visibility. Once you hit the purchase button, you expect to know when you order ships, when it hits a carrier’s dock, when it’s out for delivery and ultimately delivered on your doorstep. It’s part of their customer engagement strategy. Consumers now demand that level engagement, whenever they buy online.

Simba 7’s partner DriverSync provides the same level of engagement and visibility for drives. Fleet Managers engage a driver that is encountering a retention issue using the app., which provides status updates that are pushed to the driver. The driver literally can track the retention solution on their phone through completion. Once it is completed, they can rate the solution, and if they agree the data is driven to the back end of the application and included in the analytics. If they do not agree, the FM has a second chance at getting the solution corrected and the driver satisfied. Improved driver retention is based on a higher level of driver engagement and satisfaction.

DriveSync provides industry-leading visibility to driver retention issues, so they can be resolved in real time. The saying “time kills all deals” applies to driver retention issues. We also provide a suite of analytics that carriers can use to systematically improve their network. Like Charles Deming said, “if you can’t measure it, you cannot manage it.” We soon are rolling our predictive driver analytics so as risk drivers can be identified. Once we add this last feature, DriverSync will be the only retention company in the market that provides a comprehensive tactical, strategic and proactive retention solution. 

Simba 7 Direct Driver to Hire Service

Our oldest but still very effective service. We primarily recruit driver candidates in multiple divisions including but not limited to, class A, B, and C. We work with multiple division like over-the-road, local, regional, last-mile, and more, working with dedicated specialized, reefer, van, dump, tanker division and many more. Simba 7 Recruiting delivers qualified candidates for a one-time fee after meeting the qualifications provided by the carrier partner and then completing orientation requirements.

This branch acts as the traditional direct to hire option but with much more to offer compared to anyone else in the industry. This is because we are able to not only recruit as a 3-party option but by default you will be broadcasting out to the largest active network of drivers through varies platform in social media to more than 1 million active drivers with our “Drive United Group.”

The Drive United Group: 

A full-service Driver Management Company but with much more to offer to the driver. What this means is we have built the Biggest Network of drivers in the US by working in a non-biased way with all things in their career and much more.

We provide an environment that has attracted upwards of a million active drivers to our network by providing support when presenting themselves to you their potential employer, coaching in our driver retainment program to stick with you, their employer, driver health coaching, financial coaching, and career placement. We do use all social media platforms to communicate and present all our carrier partners jobs and produce interactive video, content, and imaging that motivates, inspires and connects with our driver network and beyond. We are gaining several hundred drivers weekly with this process and not only do we do this at no cost to the driver, but we give them incentives to refer drivers and give weekly written testimonials about you, their employer. 


Simba 7’s Partner CDLAPP:

  • Direct Leads Platform
  • Full Coverage Funnel
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Automated Follow up
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Geo Hyper-Targeting
  • 24/7 Active Branding

Simba 7’s partner, CLDAPP is designed to give you a turn-key solution to an intermediate level approach when utilizing social media. In some cases companies do not have time to do what needs to be done when hiring more of a marketing team, advanced strategy campaigns and trying to figure out the day to day changes in algorithms with all the dominating media platforms, resulting in unwanted ad spend and ultimately losing out on their true target market.

The app has given a dialed in approach that has a proprietary intelligence component that allows you to not only see where your ad dollar is being utilized the most with most existing platforms that you are already spending way too much money with but cutting out the overpriced media companies that are still playing the guessing game at a big level when gambling with your money.

Stop spending money on ads that don’t work, overpriced marketing agencies guessing with your money, and expecting different results with the same processes. It’s time to get on board with the technology changes and start having tech act as if you have a team of thousand employees when figuring out what and where your dollar should be spent when capturing the candidates, you need in your seats.



Simba 7 Entrepreneur Coaching Division:


Josh Hicks and the Simba 7 coaching team coach new and existing entrepreneurs to make the most of their time when finding evergreen “business in a box” opportunities in a career business. When searching for a revenue stream in business, we help find the right vehicles to ensure longevity in financial prosperity, and then I set you up with the right training, coaching, and roadmap to fast track your success.

Also, the Simba 7 team has helped in some way fashion or form, more than 1 million truck drivers in the US through the Drive United Division and its services.  

Josh Hicks is a motivator, coach and business owner that enjoys building up individuals to reach their full potential. He owns and operates several companies that are successful in sales, media, and marketing, recruiting, business development and coaching. He is a best-selling author on “How to Build an Amazing Career as a Truck Driver Recruiter.”

He has consulted, coached, and trained thousands of entrepreneurs, small to medium business owners, as well as Fortune 100-500 clients for more than 20 years.

We work with start-up, small to large business owners in several sectors when building a business in the most efficient ways.

We have our “Business in a box” concept that offers new or even existing entrepreneurs to start a new carrier or add to an already existing one with our turn-key solutions to a business platform. We work with individuals that are looking to start a new business in our primary sectors of sales, recruiting, trucking and real-estate.

In recruiting we primarily teach individuals how to recruit virtually with our award-winning digital training, support team and unlimited hiring opportunity with our small to medium and Fortune 500 clients, as a turn-key solution to success.

Simba 7 Transportation Consulting Division:

We also can work with individuals who are either struggling with their trucking company when finding freight, drivers, processes and much more, when gaining a much larger bottom line. We also offer services to individuals who are trying to start a trucking company or freight brokerage. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • MC/DOT set up with FMCSA in asset base or brokerage base entities.
  • Brokerage Bond Set-Up
  • Insurance Set Up
  • Shipper Contract On-Boarding with our existing database
  • Carrier On-Boarding with our existing database
  • Drug-Test Screening and Safety & Compliance
  • Recruiter training
  • Marketing/Digital Media and Branding
  • Website Development
  • Truck Leasing
  • Factoring
  • Retention Programs




Headquarters Bentonville, AR 72712

United States, Canada, Africa, India, Mexico, Costa Rica and Australia