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Josh Hicks, Founder of Simba 7, offers a complete business-in-a-box opportunity that changed thousands of lives when reaching 6 to 7 figure incomes within the Logistic Placement Brokering arena.

You see, truck drivers are not so fast to just call a trucking company or a dedicated recruiter to start a trucking job anymore. Why? Well, think about it. If the driver contacts the company, they cannot tell the driver that a competitor is better, right? I mean, think about it if they did this, they would lose their job and never have a driver to fill their trucks. This is why we, as placement brokers, can bring a solution to the table that the trucking companies or standard truck driver recruiters can never compete with, as placement brokers are non-biased to companies the driver can work for and always biased to the driver.

What does a Logistic Placement Broker do? Placement Brokers act as an Agent to the Truck Driver when transitioning into a truck driving job. It’s like being an Agent to a Pro-athlete when finding the right team, but the only difference the truck driver pro does not pay us as it is a free service to them, but rather the Trucking Companies pay us very well to deliver.

Why? When a trucking company has a truck sitting, and that should be running on a shipper contract, they are losing anywhere from $900-$5000 per day, not to mention not delivering the way they should be for their shipper client.

It’s simple, the agent delivers a prescreened candidate with a completed application, and you get paid after the completion of their orientation. An average placement broker will make $90,000-$150,000 per year if they hit the national average of 78 brokered hires per year. That being, you can scale it out of individual efforts into an agency that reaches that 7-figure level in which Josh will show you how to do in the Logistics Mastery Course he offers.

Simba 7 has been ahead of the game with this approach for more than a couple of decades and continues to grow its network of drivers to more than 1 million active drivers in the Drive United Network that Josh Hicks created decades ago. This is made up of truck drivers that will vouch for companies and driving positions in which placement brokers can use to their benefit when working with potential recruits.

Who can do this?

1. Virtual entrepreneurs…
2. People burned out of dead-end jobs or Corporate America…
3. People who are tired of the saturated Amazon FBA, drop shipping, e- comm, MLM’s, or any other fly-by-night get rich schemes…
4. Freight brokers, trucking company owners, and small business owners…
5. Money and wall street brokers…
6. Real estate and Insurance agents
7. Truck drivers, Single parents, Veterans, the disabled, and so many more…

Who we are looking for:

• Someone that is looking for an option that is a viable, evergreen, and unlimited virtual opportunity.
• Someone ready to stop kicking tires and jump in to dominate this business right NOW!
• Someone looking to make a positive change in someone’s life when helping them find a career while bettering our economy and benefiting financially.
• Someone that is in a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.
• Someone who knows it takes investing some time and money in training, marketing, and your business’s growth. You cannot be looking for something free and expect to build an empire or a viable future.

What you are getting:

1. A complete turn-key Logistics Brokering Placement business.
2. The step-by-step and proven processes to master placement brokering.
3. A lead machine process that will capture leads to recruit whenever you need them.
4. Day one option to broker placements for several top trucking company clients that you can start making commission your first week with.

I have people ask me if this business will cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars to get in. I ask them, do you want to make hundreds or thousands of dollars? I have never understood why someone would ask why are you charging for training, tools, processes, and a business-in-a-box day one that can provide them with an opportunity to make a 6-7 figure income?

However, I want individuals to have the option to do this at an affordable and realistic price, so I have decided to take all my courses and put them into one instead of charging for multiple classes. I took the price of what it would typically cost to get into the main course (Logistics Mastery Course) and cut the price in half. I am doing this for a limited time to create a very affordable option in these unpredictable times of needing a viable, untapped, and virtual opportunity.

Josh has worked with teaching individuals, small to medium-sized business owners, and Fortune 500 trucking companies dial in their sales and recruiting processes and digital marketing. The Logistics Mastery Course and Coaching has been designed to show every step from A-Z it takes to recruit a qualified candidate effectively.

Why Logistics Placement Brokering


Simba 7 Entrepreneur Coaching Division:

Josh Hicks and the Simba 7 coaching team coach new and existing entrepreneurs to make the most of their time when finding evergreen “business in a box” opportunities in a career business. When searching for a revenue stream in business, we help find the right vehicles to ensure longevity in financial prosperity, and then I set you up with the right training, coaching, and roadmap to fast track your success.

Also, the Simba 7 team has helped in some way fashion or form, more than 1 million truck drivers in the US through the Drive United Division and its services.

Josh Hicks is a motivator, coach and business owner that enjoys building up individuals to reach their full potential. He owns and operates several companies that are successful in sales, media, and marketing, recruiting, business development and coaching. He is a best-selling author on “How to Build an Amazing Career as a Truck Driver Recruiter.”

He has consulted, coached, and trained thousands of entrepreneurs, small to medium business owners, as well as Fortune 100-500 clients for more than 20 years.

We work with start-up, small to large business owners in several sectors when building a business in the most efficient ways.

We have our “Business in a box” concept that offers new or even existing entrepreneurs to start a new carrier or add to an already existing one with our turn-key solutions to a business platform. We work with individuals that are looking to start a new business in our primary sectors of digital media, sales & recruiting, and real-estate.

In recruiting we primarily teach individuals how to recruit virtually with our award-winning digital training, support team and unlimited hiring opportunity with our small to medium and Fortune 500 clients, as a turn-key solution to success.

Simba 7 Media / Marketing:

Simba 7 Media – Trucking Companies, Staffing & Recruiting, and Lead Generation Mastery:
The GetTruckerLeads.com division of Simba 7 Media is the oldest; starting back in 2020 by default, Josh went on to generate more than a million truck driver leads for his agency before offering the service to trucking companies, logistic placement broker-agent, or truck driver recruiters.

In the earlier years when he was getting started, Josh was able to land a large staffing contract for one of the top 5 Fortune 500 Trucking Companies in the U.S. but not before being a top producing agent with them. He did not realize that he had no marketing dollar, plan, or strategy to generate qualified truck driver leads like he had been provided before while working directly with them until leaving them. This hard reality started a series of events that eventually grew into 300+ specialists that make up the Simba 7 Media Team today.

Simba 7 Media and other agencies' differences when generating truck driver leads in quality, volume, and less confusion.

Specializing in truck driver leads and generating more than a million driver leads before offering the service to any other business or person. Josh has been training, teaching, and marketing in the transportation sector for more than 20 years. Year after year, these proven processes have delivered qualified truck driver leads at a fraction of the standard market cost of a lead. So it protects you from getting in a situation that an agency is using your marketing dollar as a test run.
Cross marketing with The Drive United Group, one of the largest truck driver networks in the U.S., is owned and operated by Josh Hicks. Josh created this driver network to help truck drivers beyond the job search but, by default, became a place for drivers to search out a career change because of the driver feedback process, and by that, we have been able to leverage our client's opportunities.
We operate quite a bit differently from standard marketing companies. We tailor a program to the client by creating strategic video ads, copy ads, sales funnels, and a streamlined system that gets a prescreened quality candidate on the schedule before anyone talks to them.