JOSH K HICKS– I coach new and existing entrepreneurs to make the most of their time. When searching for a revenue stream in business, I help find the right vehicle to ensure longevity in financial prosperity, and then I set you up with the right training and roadmap to fast track your success. I am a motivator, coach and business owner that enjoys building up individuals to reach their full potential. I own and operate several companies that are successful in sales, recruiting and coaching. In my free time, I write books that contain roadmaps to business success and individual development.


Simba 7 Companies – We partner with and offer services to growth-oriented small to medium-sized businesses as well as to Fortune 500 companies such as J.B. Hunt, Heartland Express, Transworld, Road Runner and many more. Services include growing sales by customizing the sales process and coaching staff to be more effective.


Simba 7 Consulting specializes in training individuals to be top performers in sales and recruiting with our small to medium and multibillion-dollar Fortune 500 public traded company clients.


Simba 7 Staffing staffs in several different sectors, but primarily specializes in the logistics sector within the United States and Canada. We work with thousands of agents, marketing agencies and staffing companies to make up the largest network of transportation recruiters in the United States. We offer training, consulting, support and contracted opportunities when hiring for our small to medium and Fortune 500 clients.


Simba 7 Sales & Recruiter Training University works with single entrepreneurs and small & medium companies when creating opportunity to increase existing or new revenue streams in sales and recruiting while customizing sales approaches, training processes or “Business in a Box” options.