Bullying – How To Overcome It

Let’s take a look at how bullying affects us in all areas of our life and how to prevent it in your workplace, family, and relationships. Once you realize the roots, you can overcome it in these steps! Take your life back to become the entrepreneur you always dreamed of!


Children start off with a clean slate.

Their whole life gradually develops them moment by moment.

They become an entity of their surroundings.

So when a child is bullied, whether this was you or someone you love, opportunity to succeed and have a healthy life is robbed from us.

Our self-esteem is crushed and our hopes, desires, and dreams are altered.

But it does not stop there. This builds the foundation for adulthood.

They become limited.

The Center for Disease Control conducted a study in 2017 that states students who experience bullying are at increased risk for sleep difficulties, anxiety, and depression.

Mood disorders and low self-esteem developed in a child may carry with them into adulthood.

The same symptoms can develop in an adult, especially with the pressure of media platforms.

Parents, friends, spouses, partners, and many other close ones can be a bully in disguise.

Is someone in your life criticizing, harassing, or hurting you?

Are you being bullied?

What happens when you grow up from a bullied childhood, or you are experiencing bullying at home or at your job?


Let’s take a step back.

When, where, and whom did bullying begin with?

Who was your biggest influence when you were younger?
(Your parents, siblings, classmates, cousins, neighbors)

Did someone pressure you to be an impossible form of perfection?

Do you feel robbed of your childhood or teen years?

Did you have to grow up too fast due to your surroundings?

Did you conform to bullying because you thought it was a normal way of expressing your deeply rooted frustrations?


You are not alone.
Most people were bullied, & we don’t realize we are still being bullied in some form.

Why do we settle for this?

Why do we hide behind a mask of contentment when we are broken deep down?

Why do we feel so lost and insecure?


If you want to be successful in this life, you have to make it happen.
Who is holding you back?


Your Friends

Friends are great companions in life.

They tease us, embarrass us, but at the end of the day, you know they got your back.

But if you feel like they have bad intentions, look deeper.

Does someone in your circle bring you down or discourage you too much?

We become who we surround ourselves with.

Distancing yourself from certain people, or cutting them out completely could actually better your mental health, habits, and future.


Your Spouse or Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Finding the right one is an amazing feeling.

It’s always so thrilling in the beginning, but what happens when they start to change?

Is your loved one not living up to his/her promises?

Are they restricting your growth, whether it’s your success, independence, sobriety?

Is he or she abusing you mentally, emotionally, or physically?

Love is often confused for comfort and habit.

Even if separation is what you fear, you have to be brave to cut ties if they refuse to get better.

You can learn more at the National Domestic Abuse Hotline or call them at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). They are available 24/7.


Your Coworkers

Bullying and harassment at the workplace is very common.

The workplace is a melting pot of all sorts of personalities and emotions.

Some employees get too comfortable by how they express themselves, or even how they physically express themselves.

A bully in the workplace could be constantly doubting your performance, going behind your back to talk foully of you, using you as a personal punching bag to all of his/her problems, and if it gets physical, whether violent or sexual, you need to report them.

Express to your boss or whoever is in charge of the harassment.

If nothing is done about it or you don’t see an improvement, find another job.

Don’t put your mental health or safety at risk for a job or money.


Your Boss

Of course, your boss got to his or her position for a reason.

After putting in their time, efforts, and qualifications, they earned their title somehow.
However, if you are working for someone who does not or refuses to acknowledge your skills or efforts, you are not living up to your potential. 
You’ll know if your boss is a bully or not.
If he or she is a pretentious jerk for no good reason, and they are bullying you, get out!
Who says you can’t be your own boss?
You are capable. You are talented. You are strong.
Have you ever thought about using your natural talents and true passion to become an entrepreneur?
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