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1) Why would a truck driver come to me to get him/her place with a company? Meaning, can’t they just go to a company themselves and apply?

Answer: This what we teach in the course. Drivers cannot go directly to a company or recruiter and expect to get the best options. The company or recruiter has to say they are the best or they would not stay or be in business long. The driver understands, and we teach that being a part of our network that is based on real true drivers in the seat and their feedback of jobs is in a non-biased approach.

When you join our Mastery Course, you will be a part of my driver network as well. The Drive United Group has helped more than 1.5 mil drivers, and we give them incentives to provide us with true feedback on the truck driving jobs in the USA.

2) Do I need a website, contracts, proposals, etc.? I can get a logo on Fiverr or Upwork as I have used both services in the past.

Answer: You will not need a website, contract, or proposals. When you activate my team to build your funnel, this will serve as a website designed to funnel a candidate through the process to get on your calendar.

You will need a logo and a short video of the job/jobs you plan to hire for. I show you how to set this up, and you can have someone on Fiverr to them for under $100 in most cases. We have a network of those contacts to use.

3) Do I need a payment processor? I believe you said you would be paying me directly, but I just wanted to make sure.

Answer: We pay agents by PayPal in most cases until they hit the average of 10 hires per month, and then we can make a direct deposit.

4) Do I need to set up an LLC / Corporation or do most people who come into this program just run everything under their own name and social security?

Answer: I would set one up and then apply for an S-corp form, but that is a question for your attorney in the course. We have other resources with Legal Zoom if you do not have an attorney in our course members area as well.

As you know, the write-offs alone you can do will benefit you when setting up the LLC.

5) Once a driver is placed with a company, do I get paid on that driver as a 1-time commission, or do you get paid some sort of residual every month as long as the driver stays with that company?

Answer: We set our clients up to be a one-time payment in most cases. We do not want to play the odds of getting paid the longer they stay. The industry is 98% turn-over, and a driver remains 2-3 months with a company on average. So, we deliver the qualified candidate and application, they pass the drug test, driving test, and physical to get their truck to push the gas pedal for the first time, and we get paid. They will pay within 7-10 days in most cases, and we pay instantly.

6) Does a driver need to have their own big rig truck, or they just need to be a licensed driver, and the company provides the truck?

Answer: both, but we focus on putting a driver into the company truck in most cases as it is a much easier process.

7) If I move forward with your program, besides the $10k fee for the program, are there any other hidden expenses that I need to know about? Do I need to pay for any automation software, etc., such as a CRM? I would like to have a breakdown of everything so I know what I am looking at going all into your program.

Answer: if you are scaling your agency, then you might decide to acquire software expenses down the road, but initially, we start every out with free platforms like google drive, docs, spreadsheets, emails, and skype. I have people that have run more than 50 man agencies off of free platforms.

I will help you with different options as you start scaling.

8) After I complete the course and get started trying to get my first driver, this is done through Facebook and Google Ads. How much money do I need for ad spend in my first month to acquire my first driver?

Answer: I have a special deal that the president of Jobs In Trucks does for my agents after completing the course. You can have full access to a massive database of drivers looking for jobs for $150 per month. If you have the capital to build a better marketing plan, you can use my agency to build out your funnels and connect all the pieces for no cost on the build, but it takes $297 per month to stay active in our team managing your ad accounts. We work primarily in FB ads, and on average, FB cost for a lead runs around $22, but the way we do it, it is usually under $5 per lead. So, on budget, after we test for a few days to see what cost average, you will know how much you need to spend to get the number of drivers you want. Example: $3 lead, and you want ten per day to pay $30 per day to get those leads.

9) Approximately how many drivers does the average person close from their first ad spend in their first month?

Answer: This all depends on what you decide to put the focus on. I will help you know what the hottest jobs will allow you to get paid the quickest. This is ongoing strategy updates.

10) How much money do I need to spend every month on ad spend? On the low end, I make a $1200 commission. I am assuming this $1200; I need to take a certain percentage and put it back into advertising; otherwise, I can’t get more drivers.

Answer: After a series of testing, we usually find that $20 per day is a great place to get, and then as you scale, you can scale that. Initially, we test a few ads at $3 per day until they tell us what we need to know.

On your commission, The average commission for you is $1200. I will show you a list of jobs for the commission I get, and then it shows you what you get. So, you get 70% of the commission I get, and when you hit 15 hires per month, it graduates to a 75% payout, and eventually, you can reach 80% of the original commission.

If using my client base when hiring, we stay at 80% because I have a support staff dedicated and hired for you. They are available 8-5 CST during corporate client hours.

11) Also, when did you start offering your course? Is it brand new, or have you had people purchase this course over the years? Has anyone failed at making any money from your course?

Answer: I have been training people 22 years from being one of the original people who build JB Hunt’s internal recruiting group. I then created my firm in which is the biggest in the US for brokering placements. The course you will get is the 3.0 version as I have put all my courses into one and added the ability to learn how to market like I do with my agency and in my clients in the trucking world.

12) Is it fairly easy or simple to get drivers for this type of business?

Answer: It’s not a get-rich overnight kind of business. It takes work and dedication. There is an art to how to do this, and if you follow my system, this can be very simple. The examples and testimonials I have are real true numbers, people, and stories. All walks have jumped in and been successful. Not to mention me being right there with you along the way adds a lot of value.

13) Is this business the same as being a Freight Broker?

Answer: No, freight brokering is negotiating a rate to be paid to get a load of goods from point A to B. This requires endless nights of hoping that driver or company you set up to do this shows. They don’t; you lose money.

We Broker the driver’s full-time placement to get in the truck’s seat for the trucking company. This is the most powerful part of the transportation business. They could have the best contracts to haul for and a thousand trucks, but without the driver, they have nothing. This is why we are rewarded very well.

The average trucking company with a truck sitting in the yard without a driver is losing $900-$3500 per day in revenue.

14) Can you confirm that once a driver signs up, my job is done, and your team takes care of the rest? Or is there more to it?

Answer: once a driver shows up to the orientation and passes the drug, physical, and driving test to get into their truck and hit the gas pedal, you get paid. We have nothing more to do with how the job goes after.

15) Do you have a breakdown of everything that I will get if I come into your program? Meaning, you will provide the exact funnels that are proven and working “today,” provide me with the VAs and the sales closers, etc. No stone left unturned. Completely turn-key. I don’t want to be guessing on how to do something and trying to figure things out.

Answer: Yes, I will show you how I have scaled the largest agency in the US. Every step, and if you come up with more, I will get it to you at no other cost.

Once you want VA’s, I will connect you with that resource, and I will have my team train them for you, so you do not have to mess with that part either.

16) How do I invoice? 

Answer: All agents are to send their invoices to the company invoicing@simba7.com

17) How do I find out what the commissions are? 

Answer: You will go to the Simba 7 Strategies members area < Document and Resources module < Agent Commissions

18) What equipment do you recommend for my office?

Answer: This will depend on what kind of setup you are planning on working with. I usually have contractors that have their computers, and we set them up with a phone system on their computer. As you scale to a bigger group and decide to take on employees rather than contractors, we will then work on supplying everything. 

19) At $150/month, what type of leads (quality, warm, etc.) do I get, and how many? 

Answer: This is a database of drivers looking, and it is huge. You will have to speak with the president of Jobs In Trucks about the details. She takes care of anyone that is a part of our mastery course. 

20) Do you pay for a VA to take your phone calls, or do you have them forwarded to your cell phone, or do you have a separate cell phone for business? 

Answer: I have resources that I can introduce you to that will allow you to have quality VA’s that can do anything needed with data entry, applications, phone screening, etc. My team will show them the ropes, so you do not have to worry about that part.

21) I assume a vanity phone # would be more “eye-catching/professional”? 

Answer: Assume you have a list of VA’s and their costs? We recommend Dialpad to start with. We can work with VA’s at around 1500-1600 per month full-time. We can get them part-time as well. 

22) Do bandit signs attract callers, especially around truck stops? 

Answer: The only way to go with this is digital. That is what will bring them in and save you time. 

1. When will I receive my account info for market growth after I signed up?
-When you sign up for Marketing Growth make sure to notify the support team. The normal status of marketing is usually when someone activates the team working on things, and it could take a week to get a response so you need to hit support to fast track that. We are not gonna put you with the same pool of client base, we are building out funnels and ads and that is a 3-week process to do so.

2. After completing the course, do I need to create a business name and tax id with my state?
-I would recommend that, Yes because especially now if you’re working at home and/or virtual it’s a lot of things that you can do for having that. If you haven’t done this yet you should definitely do. Testimonial of the overview of the course at the end we asked that. It’s to give me an understanding of what you’ve taken from it if you like the coaching team and the process so far.

3. How do I go about learning how to scale my business?
-Learning how to scale a business will ultimately fail if you don’t first start with your “why” of going into business in the first place. Knowing your purpose and successfully communicating that to your team is the way to make them raving fans of your company and drive growth in an organic manner.

4. A candidate just completed his Class A training again but already had his Class A from 2005-2008 and has been driving, hauling hazmat, and doubles endorsements. Is he eligible to drive?
If they just did it they should have a refresher course. You’ll have to message support and see which one they should take in. I think US Express has a limited spot on this. There are some things that heartland had in the past I don’t know if it is still active right now because covid shut down our student side.

5. $10,150 payout in the first 2.5 weeks of being active with recruiting.

1. How far removed from the completion of an SAP program? (Owen)
– 5 years out and at least one year of testing in that. So really about 6 years.

2. We have 1 pending prospect with a driver who is a good fit with heartland express. What is their application process? (Michael)
– See those locations; we must make sure we follow those directions with HL and USX applications when it comes to application completion.

3. How can we determine how we can access more success with Simba 7?
I spent the past few days looking at my process and still want to learn more. (Lee)

4. Do I need a website? The place where the candidates are going to be directed would be it? (Jeff)
– You’re not going to need a website because we will design a funnel that will serve as your website if you’re in the program. So you need to buy a domain, and from that domain inside the course, it talks about how to the point that domain I would buy out that GoDaddy if you haven’t already got it, and it shows you step by step how to the point that to click funnels once you that we’ll have it.

5. What is the process on your end to get new sub-agents enrolled so they can start asap?
-We need to start an email thread with Top tier agent and their Sub-agent. Support will get them the order form and SLMC general agreement sent out.

1. If a candidate has 10 years over of experience driving the gooseneck would he qualify for a CDL Class A experience?
2. Can we discuss with the candidate How much of the job description should we go into?
3. Is it a good idea to call candidates after hours for JBH and call them on a weekend for follow up?
4. How can we best use JIT to target jobs at JB hunt and other carriers? What are the pros and cons in your opinion? Biggest drawback/advantage?
5. How do I assess and how do I get it started so I can use the leads to further my business regarding leads generation strategy?

1. What information should I use to qualify a driver for different tiers 1 to 4 to identify where to apply and get them the best tier?
2. If there is a person that will help me with recruiting can the call the driver to JBH to get scheduled?
3. What name should we give in when they are calling on my behalf as they are helping me for my recruitment?
4. To whom should we send the names of the candidate so they can get to the portals?
5. How to handle a JBH recruiter who is not nice to applicants?

1. How do we access the agent board to be able to put all the information that we need to put into it?
Ans: It’s not an agent board outside of your google spreadsheet that we created initially. Unless you showed up on the CRM while some of you we always still do the google spreadsheet because that is the way we operate internally and then you can upload it into your CRM/CSV File. As far as your board things like that, that is what support is communicating with the company from different boards you’re getting updates to them daily all through the day with the status of your driver.We are working now after this new year where you can see your own portal and your own driver. This is the initial deal discussed in the beginning where you will see every activity, processing deal and verification so and so.

2. How do I create a driver portal for JBH to add my recruiters in when I get scheduling on the phone?
Ans: The recruiters are all added through me and the executive rep based on the volume. As long as we have your reps you may see an invite and invite you to send one the status and that. They of course will only see the activity when they send him down.

3. Does protection apply if the candidate doesn’t have a schedule for orientation because of background check?
Ans: No, because the guy has been scheduled with an application and recruiter that sends it down under the same protection for you. Just because they don’t have an orientation yet and need the background check. If it’s JBH they do have actually a background set, it will be that way even though if the background is going on every other company will wait to do an orientation set. I don’t know why but it’s smarter if you just set an orientation to speed everybody up. That will be protection within 48hrs if the candidate comes back and it’s there remember we got the 48hr window there. So they have to be declined or rejected, if they are rejected you don’t probably get them unless you can help the driver do not communicate with JBH.

4. Are there any jobs for fresh trucking school graduates that pass their test?
Ans: There’s a lot of people that graduate and it’s going to be something that you want to get into but you know these commissions are $250 to $500 maybe they don’t need help a lot of times on that so if we have a company open that up you’re not getting paid very well to do so. However we have talked to a few that potentially could be offering that after this New year we’ll see how it goes you know sometimes you can just throw them over there and hope that they stick because there’s a process that goes through it takes quite a bit of time to even get paid on it they’ve got to go over and go through the trailer and then you know do the whole thing and that trainer thing might be three months before they let them drive and consider them hired. It’s just different with every company and it’s a long process to get a very small commission.
5. What does decline timing mean and what does CDP pending mean?
Ans: CDP pending mean is what the divisions called internally for JBH Hunt. They’re just saying that it’s just does decline timing meanI’ve not heard this term so you know they maybe creating some news ones here. If the candidates there may be a window of time here they’re giving the agent this is what they used to do and they may be bringing this back that they say hey we’re not going to decline this driver yet but we’re giving you this declining timing and you’re set a timer here we’re going to cut him off and so it gives them a little bit more protection it give them a heads up saying hey go get this driver back if you can get them otherwise you now pretty soon it’s going to be declined.
6. Can we send an email directly to the client if they are requesting for the copy of SAP?
Ans: No, that’s why we have support there’s no direct communication with any internal agents, schedulers or anybody even if they reach out to you, you send it over because that means they don’t know the rules or they’re breaking the rules because that;s internal rule if I had a thousand agents reach out to my client daily we would have chaotic massive chaotic problems it should be done through the support to direct contacts.

1. If a candidate’s identity was stolen by a different company and still interested in the job and was offered for a protection does it mean that JBH is still interested with the candidate?
2. can we hire a class B or C driver if the position from JBH specifies the qualifying license type?
3. Does every recruiter I have in my company can be added through the portal? Do they need to sign up anything before they can be part of it?
4. Does JBH will take a candidate that passed and certified the clearing house program since the candidate had it 2 years ago?
5. Can I use my dial pad to call a candidate and make a 3-way call with the representative?

1. Are we allowed to hire Class B if JBH asked for it?
2. When do I need to create a YouTube channel and do a video also when will the website be up so I can include that in the video?
3. Can we have access to seeing what drivers see? Any idea how to help? Never seen the videos and don’t know questions they give to the drivers/candidates.
4. “We have noticed a significant number of the jobs with JBH have dropped the sign on bonus. The Sign on Bonus is a huge tool for us to offer incentives to drivers to take a job. Do you have any feedback with JBH that indicates that this is an end of year thing and bonuses will go back up on jobs after the first of the year?”
5. How should we deal with JBH reps that are rude with our submitted drivers?

1. Are we allowed to hire Class B if JBH asked for it?
2. When do I need to create a YouTube channel and do a video also when will the website be up so I can include that in the video?
3. Can we have access to seeing what drivers see? Any idea how to help? Never seen the videos and don’t know questions they give to the drivers/candidates.
4. “We have noticed a significant number of the jobs with JBH have dropped the sign on bonus. The Sign on Bonus is a huge tool for us to offer incentives to drivers to take a job. Do you have any feedback with JBH that indicates that this is an end of year thing and bonuses will go back up on jobs after the first of the year?”
5. How should we deal with JBH reps that are rude with our submitted drivers?

1. Is there any way that we can see the question on the video that candidates have watched before they go to orientation?
2. Can we have access to seeing what the candidates see on the video they watch so we can help them in some situation before they go to orientation?
3. Have you heard anything from JBHunt about driving tractors with Automatic transmissions for the Intermodal position in La, California (SouthGate)?
4. Can I ask what “In Progress (Held)” means? Not familiar with that.
5. What company will take new recruits for a candidate who is just fresh out of driving school?

  1. How long does it take Jobs in Trucks to reach out to set up and When should I expect to hear from them?
  2. Is there a good way to handle this, if a candidate could start by next week but will be out to Mexico on 2/1/2022-2/15/2022 or just wait until he gets back?
  3. Can the driver submit their application? Could I still be acknowledged as the agent if he submitted his application?
  4. What do you say to a candidate in preparation for an interview?
  5. What credentials should we look for in a candidate?

1. Can a candidate be eligible for reapplication if he/she was declined for unproductive contact and declined because of a pending schedule?
2. Are we still working with Averitt and Western Flyer Express? We are currently bringing drivers with JBH and Heartland.
3. Does JBH have a system issue about having a status for a candidate? They are saying that the application has already been disposed of. Not sure if there is an issue with their system because this is before our first call with JB and the candidate.
4. With this new Student Hire program with JB Hunt how much does it payout per driver?
5. Do any of the companies we are working with require the vaccine for the driver?
6. We are running Indeed Ads in several different markets at the beginning of the year and we were getting great responses. This week all the responses have dropped off significantly. Any information on your end that indicates this drop-off is due to the Covid Omicron? (LEE)
7. Is there a guideline for when to ask support if a position is still open before offering it to the driver? (JEFF)
8. Do we get paid when the driver signs paperwork in orientation or do we have to wait until they actually get in a truck? (JEFF)
9. If a candidate is going to be at 3 months experience within the next couple weeks do we have to wait until they actually have the 3 months or can we submit them earlier knowing that by the time they go through the process knowing that by the time they actually get started they will be at the 3-month mark? (JEFF)

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