7 Steps To Find A Viable Future-Proof Vehicle That Works Fast, Scales Easily And Can Be Operated Virtually

STEP 1: “Solves A Real Problem Or Need”

Whatever Opportunity You’re Looking at It Must Solve a Real Problem or Need! This illustration shows exactly what we mean by this… The red dot represents the current situation of every human on earth and the green dot represents the desired situation of every human. The only reason people buy things or do ANYTHING is to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

They buy things that get them from their current situation to their desired situation in the quickest and easiest possible way. The opportunity you deciding to invest in needs to be something that appeals exactly to this natural law. It needs to appeal to an ALREADY EXISTING pain or desire that people are actively seeking to solve. People take action on things that help them cross that gap. The “GAP” is where whatever opportunity you’re looking at needs to be optimal at bridging. You want the problem or desire to be above trends, time and any sort of change.
Meaning… Regardless of what happens in the world the opportunity/business you’re trying to get into or start needs to fulfill a pain or desire that will never subside or go away for the next 100 years at least. …most of us don’t live too much more past that unfortunately. If you can say the following about the product or service offered by the opportunity or business you’re looking into then your first and most important checkpoint has been successfully checked off the list! “No matter what happens in the world…people are still going to need this help.”


STEP 2: “Specialization > Generalization”

Specialist Make 30x More Than Generalist! When looking at an opportunity or business to start you want to be sure that the market that it serves is a specialized niche. Here’s why… Because on average “specialist” make 30x more than “generalist”. But what does this really mean? Let’s take a general doctor for example and compare that to a brain surgeon…
A general practice doctor has to see patients all day long, everyday, and most likely in a small corner office with
no windows and nobody really talks much about them.
A brain surgeon on the other hand has a huge top level suite with floor to ceiling windows, get written up in
publications about their accomplishments and only sees a couple clients a week for a few hours.
The general practice doctor makes around $100k-$200k /year while the brain surgeon makes $750k-$2m /year…
What’s the difference? They both have the “PhD & Dr” by their name?
The difference is one solves a very specific and IMPORTANT problem that the other doctor doesn’t.
It’s because of this “specialization” that awards the brain surgeon more time freedom, more market value and
makes their attraction to the marketplace EXTREMELY more magnetic.
You want the opportunity or business you’re looking at to have this same appeal when you make your offer.
The niche your opportunity solves needs to be to a SPECIFIC group of people that ALREADY have a huge pain or
desire that needs justified and are willing to pay top dollar to get it solved.
If what you’re looking at can achieve this along with what we talked about in step 1… Then you’re really starting
to discover a golden opportunity that can serve you well into the future.
Let’s now go look at step 3…


STEP 3: “Can Be Systemized With High-Profitability”

We Only Have Time and Energy — Looking Around, This Isn’t Divide Up Equally… but Why?
Have you noticed that we all have the same 24 hours in our day but for some reason some people make a lot while others struggle to pay their rent?
This is because the people who are smart are looking for asymmetric opportunities while others think that MORE = MORE.
So how doesn’t this make sense? Let’s take a look…
Whenever we look at an opportunity or business to invest in we want to be sure that it can be systemized so
that it can operate in such a way it can use “bits” instead of “flesh”.
You see as humans we can only be in so many places at one time, but in order to solve a lot of problems at
once it would mean we need to be in a lot of places.
Thankfully, there’s this thing in the world known as the “INTERNET” and this miracle of civilization can
operate using “bits” and those “bits” can be in a million different places at once doing the most perfect tasks.
As a human “made of flesh” we just need to know how to program the “bits”, and when we do that properly, it
allows us to create a machine that can turn $1 into $5.
In a very simplistic view… we can “multiply ourselves” and this is exactly how the attraction, conversion and
in some cases the delivery components of your business or desired business needs to be able to operate.
If you can attract new customers for your business using “bits” instead of “flesh”, convert those customers and
perform the desired result… and you can check the list off of steps 1 and 2… YOU’RE LOOKING AT A REAL
A+ opportunity.
We don’t want to have to trade “flesh for dollars” we want to trade “bits for dollars” because this will bring real
time freedom and allow us to SCALE TO THE MOON!


STEP 4: “Future-Proof; Timeless”

Tapping Into a Business That Doesn’t Tap Out Are the Moves Made by Masters How does one find an opportunity that doesn’t get influenced by the ebbs and flows of a economy? In all reality it’s a simple question you must ask yourself… “If all hell breaks loose what will we still need to survive?”
Now of course it goes beyond just the answer to the question above but in order to ask the next question that
can give you the GOLD… we have to answer that question first!
Once you arrive at a list of 5 to 10 things that will undoubtedly, without questions and unarguably you then
ask questions like this:
1. Of the items we can’t live without no matter how earth shattering any economic shift could ever be how is
it we would get these items?
2. What other people, objects or processes will be involved in the creation, delivery or transaction of obtaining
such things?
3. In what order do these things need to play out for things to function properly and what type of talents or
connections must be made in order for things to complete their cycle?
4. Finally… how can I position myself to be a “GAP” filler in these processes, systems or developments?
5. What operations exist today that already fulfill these specific people, objects or processes and how can I
attach too, integrate with or make such things easier to accomplish their objective?
The answer to the above questions are going to result in a compounded pile of opportunities that will deliver
more than one person would ever need to experience a life most will never know.
It’s only with the aid of action does any of these things come to be and it’s only through the decision to do
something different that something different comes to life.
Be sure that the opportunity or business you’re about to invest in can attach to at least 3 out of the 5 questions
above to position yourself for a lifetime of wealth and ease of scale in any marketplace.


STEP 5: “Speed To Result”

How Long Does It Take for the Transaction To Deliver the Result? In the most simple way let’s unveil the simplicity of this particular variable of uncovering a golden opportunity to invest in. From point of pain or need to 100% arrival of solution does the business you’re looking at take to make this transformation? How long does it take to get the money from the transformation?
The life blood of a business is the money. Money is only achieved when problems get solved for the market. We want
to have a product or service that can get a potential customer with a problem or need to their promise land in the
most expedient time possible.
The longer it takes to arrive at a result the longer the money is delayed. The longer the money is delayed the more
risk is involved because of the natural cycles of need in every humans life. …especially when you’re in the
beginning stages where reserves might be minimal or non-existent.
We need to find an opportunity that can turn $1 into $2, $5, or $20 in the fastest time possible.
Get a real and explicit understanding of the cycle of transformation from pain/need to result for your potential
product or service before making any real decisions on investing.
But what are the components of turn around?
We know that the three parts of a business are:
1. Attraction — the marketing process
2. Conversion — turning the traffic from marketing into a paying customer
3. Delivery — delivering the result/transformation desired that caused the transaction
Investigate each of these parts of your opportunity and have hard numbers for each of the 3 parts and their ability
to achieve their objective.
Combine all discovered times and be sure that this falls inline with your reserves or ability to survive during the
discovered time cycle. …each person is different some have more time than others, be sure it fits for you!


STEP 6: “Inexpensive To Operate”

How Much Does It Take To Keep the Machine Running Each Month?
Opportunity costs are usually what kills people when it comes to building a business. Things always come up and when they do there’s not escape route 90% of the time.
Sounds scary doesn’t it? When the business is positioned in the ways we’ve lead up to in order to arrive at step 6 that fear can be diminished to almost nothing. What am I talking about?

First and foremost you need to know to the dollar and day what it’s going to cost to turn on the machine each and every
day. If you don’t know these numbers you’re basically heading out in your car on a unknown highway without knowing
how much gas you have or how far you can go?
You need to know ONE specific metric…
CPA = Cost Per Acquisition
What does it cost to generate 1 customer? If the opportunity cannot divulge this metric then it’s probably not the best
idea to continue forward in the endeavor, unless you’re into pioneering, then in that case go for it.
…but most the pioneers I’ve seen from movies, books and folk stories end up with their face in the mud and arrows in
their backs.
Any opportunity that’s true will have all the variables checked off the list that has lead us to step 6. Any true opportunity
has already proved itself in some way shape or form, and what this means is, it’s went through the cycle enough to be
Any cycle derives patterns and all patterns derive ratios.
When we apply the scientific method (the ultimate way to arrive at an answer) to this question of “What is the CPA?” We
will arrive at the elements of
How much input was needed to create an output and what was the difference? $100 input into the business created an
output of $101 or $99? Make sure these metrics make sense? Make sure you can put enough gas into machine to get to
the destination, otherwise you’ll be sitting alongside the road stranded. This isn’t negotiable. Let’s head over to step 7…


STEP 7: “Can It Be Operated 100% Virtually?”

Can You Execute the Functions of the Business Purely From a Virtual Position? Freedom is something that most everyone is seeking in some way or another… We want to be able to contribute to the world and make it better than it was before we got here. The world proves this each day through its massive desire to digitize and bring efficiency through all aspects of life.
But virtualization isn’t as common amongst every business as it should be or desired to be…
Virtualization is your key to ultimate freedom because it will allow you to solve problems from any position on the globe so
long as there is an internet connection.

You need to be able to say yes to the following three questions:
#1 – Can I attract the needed marketplace to my offer using virtual systems like pay-per-click and social media advertising?
#2 – Can I convert the attracted marketplace into paying customers using virtual systems like website funnels, email marketing,
virtual payments and smartphone/zoom?
#3 – Can I deliver the necessary results to achieve 100% satisfaction to the marketplace using things like email, phone or
If you can say yes to each of the following items with the business or opportunity you’re looking to invest in then you’ve got a
business that is virtual, scalable and able to provide true time freedom.
Looking back over the last 7 steps, or what we’ve been calling “items on the checklist” can you say that you’re opportunity or
business can say ‘YES’ to each of those?
Now… if it can’t say yes to those last 7 items on the checklist than you need to truly reconsider your options so you don’t end
up in yet another “promise built on loose sand”.
You’re now armed with the checklist to uncover the exact business investment that can truly support a future of wealth and
Would you me to share with you an opportunity that meets all these 7 criteria and is something anyone can do who’s
willing to follow instructions, complete more than they complain and wants to make a real difference while earning a
true 6 or 7 figured income? If so, simply click here and watch this short movie on exactly how it works >