6-Figure Truck Driver Recruiting Course

On-going membership with Simba 7 coaching
will include:
6-week transportation virtual recruiting course
Skype support & Coaching.
Weekly Facebook live video in VIP inner circle
Monthly Webinar for tips & support.
Monthly News Letter.
Live call video examples.
Top truck driver objections with live video
rebuttal examples.
VIP discounted on-going course options.
On-going live call recordings.
Continuing on-site training options if needed.

a. Module 1 Call Introduction
i. Capturing your audience in seconds
ii. Audio Examples

b. Module 2 Pre-qualification
i. How to get to the information you need in the most efficient way
ii. What questions to ask and how to ask them
iii. Audio Examples

c. Module 3 Simba 7 Presentation
i. How to set yourself apart from the rest
ii. Strategy of how to overcome hurdles before they happen
iii. Learn key things that driver candidates look for in a career
iv. Audio Examples

d. Module 4 Company Transition
i. How to overcome an issue with a company before it happens in your close
ii. Audio Examples

e. Module 5 The Close
i. How to reiterate the process to finalize the close on the desired company
ii. Audio Examples

f. Module 6 Application and VR Prep Pitch
i. How to get the application and VR completed in the most efficient way
ii. Audio Examples

g. Module 7 Schedule Prep
i. How to present yourself to an application specialist
ii. How to motivate a candidate to complete an application themselves
iii. Audio Examples

h. Module 8 Introduction of Driver/Scheduler
i. How to work with the application specialist to get what you want from the very beginning
ii. How to do a smooth introduction
iii. How to motivate the application specialist and the driver to work together.
iv. Audio Examples

i. Module 9 Follow-Up Process
i. Learn the most efficient follow-up system for driver candidates
ii. Learn how to get what you need by understanding what they need
iii. Setting tests
iv. How to talk to a driver on the follow up
v. Audio Examples