Are You Making The Most Of Your Valuable Driver Leads?

When hiring truck drivers, it’s no easy task to turn visitors into leads. There are tons of variables that can prevent, distract, or sway away potential driver leads from filling out your application.

Your primary goal is to generate leads to keep your company’s trucks on the road during this driver shortage crisis. You need to effectively target truck drivers, turn them into potential leads, and remove all the obstacles preventing visitors from turning into leads.

Effective marketing strategies and lead generation efforts can skyrocket your company’s profits and efficiency.

In this post, I’ll give you tips on how you can generate leads on your driver leads.

Let’s dive in.


What’s A Lead?

A person interested in your company’s product or service is considered a lead. This person displayed his interest by voluntarily giving his contact info to the company. Essentially leads are generated by collecting information from potential prospects.


How To Generate Leads For Your Trucking Company?

The main goal of generating leads is to get the audience interested in your company and convert them into potential truck drivers. It’s a highly effective inbound marketing technique.

By generating leads, you create interest among the candidate about your company. Interested candidates are the ones that’ll make them consider applying for the job and start the relationship, making your job as a recruiter easier. You want to warm up your prospects to become more comfortable and engaged. Because honestly, cold calling doesn’t get you prospects.

Now that you understand how important a lead is to your marketing strategy, you need to know how to generate leads to convert your audience into prospects.

Let’s look at a few of those tactics.

Shorten Lead-Capture Forms

The easiest and quickest way to scare potential leads away is by having long lead-capture forms. Only ask questions that you need to contact and qualify the driver leads. Never cross the line between quality and quantity.

Shortening your lead-capture forms ensure your drivers are interested. And convert them into potential truck drivers.

Design Targeted Landing Pages

You need to tailor your landing pages to appeal to your potential leads. It needs to cater to the visitor’s specific needs, so it makes them more likely to convert into leads.

Find out about your potential prospects’ needs and goals, and then use that information to create specified landing pages for them. Tailor the landing page to resolve those needs and tackle those topics. So, creating targeted landing pages is crucial if you want to convert your page visitors into leads.

Give Them A Compelling Offer

A great way to attract leads is by giving a compelling offer or implementing a CTA (call-to-action) on your recruiting website. It’s a marketing tactic used by successful companies to recruit and retain their drivers.

For example: you can add attractive offers on your website that’ll prompt visitors to take a call-to-action, like: clicking a button to receive coupons, downloading an ebook, or offers for special events.

These prompts can interest potential drivers. And as they click on these CTA buttons, they’ll have to provide their contact info. And at that point, you’ve already converted a lead. This is a fantastic way to generate and grow your leads.

Implement A Read More Button

Whenever you post a feed of content on your blog or website, you don’t want to show the whole post on the homepage. You need to attract your readers to click on the individual posts by creating interest with the first few paragraphs, the prompt a “read more” call-to-action. It’s an easy, simple, and effective way to improve your lead generation.

This also allows you to feature more content on your home page. These “read more” CTAs ensure that your interesting posts get the engagement they deserve. By implementing the “read more” CTA, people will have to click through the post rather than read it on the homepage, which increases the actual post’s traffic.

Remove Navigations

After you get a visitor on your landing page, you want to keep them there. You want them to look around and get compelled to join your company. So, to do that, you can remove all the top, bottom, and side navigation from the page. It’ll reduce the options to leave and compel them to stay longer.

And after the visitors have converted into leads, you can bring back the navigations. You can even consider incorporating a secondary CTA on your “thank you” page, this will help retain engagement.

Implement A Register Button

Are you holding giveaways, job fairs, or giving out newsletters for your company? If you are, then the register button CTA raises awareness for that event and also boosts engagement. Which naturally generates leads.

Holding a job fair is a great way to generate leads and build relationships with potential truck driver candidates for your company. So, you’d want those potential prospects to attend the fair. And by implementing a register button on your page, you’re not only persuading your visitors to join the event but also promoting the event. This will result in a better turnout.

Another great way of generating leads is, holding giveaways. You can add a giveaway pop on the landing page with a register button and talk about the prizes. This will create engagement and also generate leads.

Focus On The Key Element

To keep the visitor’s mind focused, have only one offer on your landing pages. You don’t want them to get indecisive or, worse, overwhelmed. If they get overwhelmed, they’ll just leave the site, and you’ll lose a potential prospect.

For example, if your company is holding a job fair, send an email to the registered people to remind them of the event. Send the emails to qualified driver candidates, only highlighting the key points of the event. Then incorporate a landing page where they can sign up for that event. Avoid cluttering emails with other content. Rather, focus on one specific content and a landing page proving additional information.

Simplify Everything

Your visitors shouldn’t have to hop around over the landing page to find something. If you can’t find the register or sign-in button, or wouldn’t want to fill out the form, then chances are, your potential prospects can’t either.

So, make everything simple and easy to access. You want your prospects to click the CTA, not get lost finding them.

Closing Thoughts

Generating leads is one of the most effective marketing strategies to reach more prospects and boost profits. The trucking industry works the same way.

You can implement the abovementioned tactics to make the most out of your valuable leads.