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Hey this is Josh Hicks CEO of Simba 7… Today I am going to be talking about our newest division, Wealth Preservation. As some of you already know, I build business and help individuals find success in their life when working with mind, body, business and balance. After 20 years of working with thousands of businesses and individuals when finding success, we are now offering options to look at how to use your money earned and investments in the best way by providing the most reliable professionals that specialized in these services alongside out team.


I want to introduce other ways to invest in a smart way and we are going to be adding to our Wealth Preservation Division with the best options you can find when preserving and building on your net worth.

First, I want to introduce Nic Mcleod the CEO of Mcleod Consulting Group as Simba 7 is the acting CMO for the Mcleod Consulting Group as of January of 2019. We are very selective as to who we work with but after years and years of success stories as to what Mr. Mcleod and his team have done for more than 13 years, we decided to partner up with this premier group when offering smart and reliable options when preserving and building on your wealth and prosperity.

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Division From Nic Mcleod the CEO of Mcleod Consulting Group as Simba 7 Partner

Learn about Nic Mcleod and the Mcleod Consulting Group


Former professional musician and pro bodybuilder would not stop at the skills of ripping on a guitar or just reaching the top of his body development, he later moved on to use his skillsets in a much more needed area. He found himself after being a professional and finding success in places that most only dream about, he was at a cross roads to how he could keep his money for a future as he started seeing the end of the road in what he had been doing for so many years. After growing up around his family that worked in the insurance and money management field, he only naturally shifted his efforts there after realizing he needed to figure not only how to keep the money he earned but actually gain momentum to eventually set him up for long-term financial success.

Nicolas started his career in the Insurance Industry in 2005. Nicolas quickly found a niche offering a group of insurance products to help aid in risk-adverse income solutions, tax deferral and safety. His unique business model and dedication to his clients, earned Nicolas national recognition as one of the youngest multi-million-dollar producers in the United States by 2006.

As a separate endeavor, Nicolas has spent the past five years orchestrating numerous mergers and venture capital projects. His ingenuity, along with a propensity for understanding the dynamics of starting a new business, has earned him a reputation with high-level entrepreneurs cementing himself a venture capitalist.

In 2011, Nicolas established himself within multiple political consulting opportunities in which he was relied upon to offer insight to social dynamics within political precincts. With this platform and personal experience, Nicolas also provided groundbreaking marketing ideals to aid his teams in reaching an otherwise unreachable audience. Strong ties, built and maintained through family and professional relationships, afforded Nicolas decades of experience with the inner-workings of campaign dynamics.

Today Nicolas enjoys a concentrated focus on his flagship, Mcleod Consulting Group, and their continued push to strengthen the community with safe options that not only offer better than average returns, but allow their customers a citadel of safety and protection in this litigious, money hungry climate we all live in.

Mcleod although a local of Northwest Arkansas, has the ability to service most states in the United States and is able to offer some options that no one can offer in his local stomping grounds.

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  • Eliminate 1099s or eliminate taxation on Social Security or Existing Income
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