Targeting & Retargeting



96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy. – Instapage

Our Method

What is targeting marketing and why do you need it?

Target marketing consists of dissecting a market into categories and then focusing your different types of content on one or several key parts of your market that make up potential buyers whose wants and needs most perfectly line-up with your product or service offerings.

At Simba 7 Media we’ve noticed that target marketing is the single most important part of the marketing process for attracting new customers, increasing your profits, and making your business grow at consistent rate.

The best thing about target marketing is that by focusing your marketing power at specific groups of potential customers it causes the promotion, pricing, and distribution of your products and/or services much simpler and more budget friendly.

What is retargeting and why is the single most powerful element of online marketing?

Retargeting gives you the power to always have your message, ads, and content in front of your potential customers for months after they have left your website.

It allows you to build a relationship with your customer and help them to know, like, and trust you.

Doing this causes them to think about your offer first when the time comes when they will need it.

Retargeting campaigns let you hone in on specific types of visitors with specific ads with the goal of convincing them to take you up on your offer.

These types of promotions work because they give you the ability to show those specific visitors ads who’ve already proved to you based on their behavior with your content an interest in your offers.

With the help of Simba 7 Media and retargeting pixels, you can controllably remind your potential customers that they wanted to solve a problem and with that you can help them understand why your product offers the best solution.

“When luxury, pre-owned watch retailer Watchfinder discovered less than 1% of customers were purchasing on their first site visit, the company knew it was time to take action. Watchfinder, the UK’s largest online watch dealer started running their retargeting campaign with the goal to increase sales. In just six months, they were able to achieve 1,300% ROI.” – Google Analytics

Imagine what it would be like if you could get a second, third, or fourth chance to help your customer understand the value of your offers?

Retargeting is one of the most valuable tools in business today as we know it.

Let’s get it started for your business, are you ready?