Email Automation



For every $1 spent on email marketing $44 is made in return, according to a study by Campaign Monitor.

Our Method

Our email marketing services will help you speed up your sales cycle.

At Simba 7 Media our email marketing specialists will develop engaging email newsletters and automation sequences to make your audience more likely to buy from your business.

“If you’re running a real business, email is still the most effective way to universally reach people who have expressed interest in your product or site. For that, it really can’t be beaten.” – Colin Nederkoorn (founder Customer.IO)

With over 2.5+ billion people using email worldwide it’s practically crazy to ignore this element of your branding and marketing.

From what we’ve experienced inside the agency we’re convinced that email is one of the most vibrant and effective ways to connect our clients with their customers.

I mean let’s really think about the last time you really met someone that didn’t have an email address?

According to all our results and studies that are in plentiful all over the internet, email marketing has the absolute best return on investment over all marketing channels.

Our team will design, test, tune, and effectively execute email marketing campaigns that take your customers from awareness to conversion.

We collect the research points, experiences, and common sense data we get from connecting with you and your market to create an emotional storytelling experience that simply turns your viewers into sales.

Everything we design, work with, or utilize in terms of tools is all very open to everyone involved.

Our clients shouldn’t have to wonder what’s going on, that’s why we give detailed reports about everything happening.

Effectively we focus on giving our clients what they want, which is attention, branding, and sales.

We do this with performance based email automation in combination with our other digital marketing components.